Market Pulse Q2 2018

IBBA Q2 2018 MarketPulse


Remarkable Time to Sell a Business

“Lower middle market too hot to touch,” “M&A flies high,” “M&A activity speaks to confidence of CEOs.”

This quarter’s Market Pulse survey backs up the kind of headlines that have been dominating industry new feeds right now. It’s a remarkable time to sell a business. Roughly 21% of advisors say 2018 is the best year they’ve ever seen for business owners to sell their businesses. Another 37% say it’s the best time in five years, and 17% say it’s the best in the last 10 years.

Consistent with general market optimism, advisors believe seller advantage is growing, with year-over year seller-market sentiment increases in all  market sectors. In the Main Street market, for businesses valued at less than $500,000, seller market sentiment is at the highest it’s been since the  survey started in 2013.