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Business Valuations

Market Data Report

Our market data report draws upon over 13,000 businesses that have been sold. The end result is that you can compare your income and revenue with similar businesses that have already been purchased. A wide range of professionals including appraisers, business brokers, as well as accountants submitted the data in this report. As a result, it’s far more trustworthy than the data that is publically available. You can utilize the market data report to truly understand the value you can offer.

Value Analysis

We offer a Value Analysis, which is a limited business valuation ideal for “Main Street” businesses whose sales are less than $1 million. This 30 page report summarizes how each valuation was determined. Due to the fact that main street businesses tend to be bought and sold on a multiple of cash flow, Seller’s Discretionary Cash Flow is used as a basis for the evaluation.

Both historical data is considered as well as a business’ current financial status, rather than the Balance Sheet. The appraisal also looks at asset sales rather than stock sales. It also excludes all current assets (with the exception of inventory) as well as present liabilities.

The report includes

  • Common Size Financial Statistics Summary
  • Review of Each Approach
  • Conclusion and Justification
  • Historical Income Statement
  • Adjusted Cash Flow Statement
  • Comparable Sales (Market Approach)

Limited Formal Valuation

This limited scope Formal Valuation is limited in scope, which means it is meant for small businesses making profits between $1 million and $5 million. In this 50 page report, businesses will receive a review and financial analysis of various aspects that make up the final number. Our conclusion is based primarily on EBITDA not SDCF. It concentrates on current financial performance and future performance as well. It also includes a Balance Sheet as a major component.

This unique formal valuation includes:

  • Analysis of Financial Statement
  • Common Size Analysis
  • Historical and Adjusted Statements
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Analysis of Industry
  • Economic Outlook
  • Comps
  • Explanation of Valuation Approach
  • Conclusion and Justification

Merger & Acquisition Valuation

The M&A Valuation is meant for transactional purposes. As a result, this comprehensive valuation was created in accordance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice. The M&A Valuation is designed for larger sized small businesses with annual revenue over $5 million. It is also appropriate for businesses which are expected to go for over $1 million as well as enterprises that are anticipated to have strong future growth.

This valuation concentrates on future earnings and, as a result, past performance plays a limited role in the conclusion. It is important to note that guideline companies originate from the public market as well as the private market. As a result, the conclusions tend to be more aggressive. The number of pages in this fully customized report varies and can range between 30-200. It depends on the details that support each specific conclusion.

IRS Revenue Ruling 59-60

This USPAP governed valuation was developed for litigation purposes. It focuses on research and in-depth analysis of minority discounts as well as marketability discounts. It also takes into account US Court Reviews and Cited Court Precedents. The IRS Revenue Ruling 59-60 is meant for situations requiring litigation including gift tax, ESOP’s, divorce and estate tax.

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