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The Odds of Selling

Buying or selling. The odds aren’t good.

Turn to Hines & Associates
when you are looking to stand out from the crowd and demand top dollar.

The odds against successfully selling a business aren’t good. Nine out of 10 prospective “Buyers” never buy. Eight out of 10 Sellers don’t get the deal they want. And seven out of 10 Corporate Buyers chase deals for more than a year without buying. The odds for business owners selling their businesses are even worse.

Beat the Odds

Beat the odds with Hines & Associates!

Why? It’s not simple to sell a business.

Buying or selling a business is complicated. It’s easy to get bogged down in detail, confounded by alternatives or stagnated by emotion. But there is a way to beat the odds. Hines & Associates Inc. is dedicated to changing the odds in our client’s favor by providing intelligent, informed and tough representation of our client’s interests in the complex world of buying and selling a business.

Our company works with serious Sellers to put together winning deals. Beginning with the Seller’s decision to sell, our clients navigate the treacherous waters of selling a business with ease. Our clients don’t have to struggle to find the answers to key questions like “How much is the business worth?” or “Is this a good time to sell?” But most importantly, we assist Sellers in making the decisions that best fit their particular circumstances.

At Hines & Associates Inc. we’re not “selling” anything. We act as a professional advisor up to the point of sale and as an intermediary during the sale. For the Seller, we find the right Buyer. When we do, we automatically find the best price. For Buyers, we find the business opportunities that most closely matches their needs, talents and resources. When we do, we help to ensure the Buyer’s long-term success.

So, want to beat the odds?
Choose Hines & Associates Inc. for intelligent, informed and tough representation
in the complex world of buying and selling a business.

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