Commercial Real Estate

Representation of Tenants

The Hines & Associates team provides tenants with the inside track into highly regarded locations for retail and restaurants throughout Southern California. Our goal is to always prioritize our clients’ interests, regardless of whether we are dealing with locals or large chains.

Hines and Associates has built solid relationships with brokers of retail and dining establishments throughout Southern California as well as area landlords.

We actively stay aware of new developments, tenants, current rents and vacancies and relevant market trends.  Plus, we have handled more than 700 transactions to date. Each transaction dealt with transferring a preexisting lease or handling a new lease.

Our clients trust Hines & Associates to manage their commercial real estate dealings in the area. Our extensive experience positions us to be ready to properly represent you and your interests.

Our goal is to quickly get you into your new business. We can promptly find an optimal space and help negotiate your lease or negotiate your purchase.

Services for Tenants include:

  • Site Selection & evaluation
  • Demographics
  • Tours
  • Letter of intent
  • Working with attorneys on lease negotiations
  • Liquor licenses

Representation of Landlords

Our goal is to put clients’ interests front and center. We serve local developers, property holders as well as owners of a wide variety of institutions.

Hines & Associates actively assists landlords throughout Southern California to secure long-term leasing relationships with owners of prominent restaurants and retail stores.

We have years of experience dealing with everything from vacancies and rents to new trends in the market. That’s why so many developers and landlords turn to us to manage their dealings in commercial real estate.

Hines & Associates is firmly committed to being on top of trends in the local and national industries for both retail and restaurants.

We’ve been doing business in Southern California for more than twenty years. Each and every year, we deliver new quality tenants to the table.

When you select Hines & Associates, you effectively expand your search beyond that of traditional real estate agents.

Services for Landlords include:

  • Leasing of commercial real estate
  • Analysis of market and demographics
  • Ground Up Development leasing
  • Shopping Center Outparcel Leasing
  • Negotiating proposals
  • Negotiating leases

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