Selling a Business

We offer a wide range of benefits for businesses looking to sell. Turn to Hines & Associates when you are looking to stand out from the crowd and demand top dollar.

It goes without saying that it can be tricky to sell a business at almost any price. The business for sale world offers many opportunities for qualified buyers, so sellers often feel that they go unnoticed.

Our San Diego brokerage firm works relentlessly to ensure that our Sellers’ businesses do indeed get noticed. Year after year, our clients are satisfied with the prices their businesses command.

What is the secret to track record of successful transactions? Our experienced firm focuses on extensive prep work. This process begins far before a company even hits the market.

After all, you only have one chance to make a first impression on a potential buyer. No good opportunity should be squandered.

We handle the following for our clients:


Strategic Marketing Plan Development

When it comes to selling your business, having a strategic marketing plan is enormously important. Our team specializes in creating strategic plans that really work. We carefully target qualified buyers that are in your industry and outside of your industry as well.

Our winning approaches include direct mail marketing as well as effective Internet advertisements. The Hines & Associates strategy also includes communicating with global private equity groups and our offices in the US and abroad.

Each business we represent can rest assured that their opportunity is offered to members of the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA), M&A Source and the California Association of Business Brokers.

Through this strategy, you’ll benefit from a comprehensive marketing program and your business will be offered to Buyers all over the world. Many of our clients find that they succeed in establishing a “bidding war” which ensures our clients top-level earnings.

Confidentiality is Always Guaranteed

Our philosophy is that confidentiality means everything when it comes to the sale of your business. It will never be compromised. Throughout everything we do, we put confidentiality first. Our advertising is “blind’ which means the identity of the business is completely hidden. Potential buyers only receive the basic facts to initiate interest.

Before receiving more information and a Business Profile, all buyers must

-Sign an NDA agreement

-Sign a confidentiality agreement

-Provide a financial disclosure and buyer profile

-Interface directly with a representative from Hines and Associates

Positioning Your Company

In order to optimally position your company to sell for the highest amount, our expert team creates an attractive Business Profile for your company. Each Business Profile includes:

-Executive summery

-Description of operational procedures

-Description of marketing

-Facilities information

-Financial overview

-Equipment lists

-Up to date photos

The end result is that buyers are able to thoroughly review businesses and make only the most informed decisions. We’re well known for the quality and effectiveness of the presentations we create for clients. Time and time again, buyers tell us that our extensive and detailed process facilitated the sale and simplified the process.

Internet Promotions

One effective way to reach thousands of qualified buyers is through the web. That’s why we subscribe to more than 30 prominent sites including:

-The International Business Brokers Association

-The California Association of Business Brokers

-All California Businesses For Sale

-The Mergers and Acquisition Source

Many others…

Print Advertising

Hines and Associates places a wide variety of ads for our clients. We make sure there are proper placements in trade publications, business brokerage publications and M&A publications as well. In many cases, we will advertise in other sources such as The LA Times, The San Diego Tribune and the Wall Street Journal. The goal is to create the optimal level of exposure for each business.

Partnering with Business Brokers/M&A Firms

MLS services are widespread for properties. However, some don’t realize that there are currently no viable Multiple Listing Services for businesses. As a result, potential Buyers often can’t find out about these opportunities. After all, other business brokers or M&A firms are not spreading the word in an effort to protect their commissions.

Hines and Associates takes another route. We partner with IBBA and CABB business brokers as well as M&A firms. The end result is far more opportunities to reach the right buyers.

Each and every day, quality businesses go up for sale. That’s why you need expert assistance that you can depend upon. However, Hines and Associates offers the level of representation that businesses require when they are looking to sell. The result is successful and frictionless transactions that are successful at capturing the highest purchase prices.

Give us a call today and we’ll begin working on your behalf.

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