In most jurisdictions, a board of directors is not required for privately held companies.  However, many of these companies have appointed wha

The deal is getting down to the wire, the price differential is close, but the parties are not yet in agreement. Following are some ideas that

A  recent article in M&A Today offered some observations concerning current and future M&A trends. “The business world is constantly

We suspect that the answer to this question depends on who you ask! The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) reports that they received some 24.8 m

Here is a common and much-used breakdown by the federal government: Small Business Administration (SBA): Very Small Business = 19 or fewer e

1. Start with the business -  Value Drivers:  Size, growth rate, management, niche, history -  Value Detractors:  Customer concentration P

“There are many reasons for valuing an entity, and those circumstances can lead to different outcomes…For instance, a business’s value fo

Many courts and the Internal Revenue Service have defined fair market value as: "The amount at which property would exchange between a willing

Is there pricing elasticity? What's proprietary? What's the company's competitive advantage? Status of employment agreements and non-competes?

What is the value of your business? There are many ways to approach that question -- based on complex formulas or just a good hard look at the

1. Build a solid management team. A business with sales of $5 million and up needs a full complement of officers and directors. Such a team mi

This question can only be answered by addressing other related questions, specifically: Who’s asking and for what purpose? From the perspect