The following is provided as a simple explanation of common leasing arrangements within a small business transaction. It is not intended to pro

The cliché is that the key to business success is: location - location - location. If you own a business in which the location is an important

This is a story based on a true incident - only some of the details have been changed. The buyer and seller were ready to close on a business w

Depends on whom you are asking. If you're the seller, you might say that the asking price is too low. The buyer would say, obviously, that the as

What are the odds of your business actually selling once you have made the decision to sell? Well, if the annual sales of your business are $75

There was a study done, years ago, that showed that the reason businesses were for sale had a direct relationship to its probability of sale.

Many people who are selling their business think that once they find a buyer, the business is sold. Unfortunately, the real work is just beginn

Prepare for new management. As soon as you make the decision to sell, begin doing what you can to help the business run "on its own." The busin

Selling your business is a major decision! You have devoted your time, money and energy to building, running and operating your business. It ma

If you're considering selling your business, and you are employing a professional business broker or intermediary, it's imperative to be absolu

1. Not knowing what the business should sell for One of the most costly errors a business owner can make is not knowing the approximate price

Buyers Want Cash Flow The first thing to keep in mind is that the vast majority of buyers want to buy cash flow. Sit down with your accountant